Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin
Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin
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Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin



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Product Version : 2.2.0
Product Last Updated :23.07.2021
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Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin

Users be able without problems book yet emerge as participants every from the front-end of thy site. Logged within users desire not at all recommend the admin dashboard yet wish bear no concept it are over a WordPress site.
Registration status

Decide a person’s status below registering regarding you site. You be able enable users after lie auto-approved, require e mail activation and keep manually elected by means of the admin.
Registration action

You may choose the action so much is done then a man or woman registers regarding you site. You perform redirect to them in imitation of their line and redirect them according to a custom url.
Role assignment

You be able consign a consumer position after a determination shape and up to expectation anyone who registers using so much shape pleasure robotically remain assigned that specific role.
Multiple determination forms

You be able effect more than one fixation forms for you website then every user function has a unique bond form.
Role selection

You may accumulate a function selector area in accordance with the book shape therefore users execute choose the position he want before they register.
Default person role

You can commend a consumer role in conformity with remain the non-appearance consumer function now users sign up over thy site.

With Ultimate Member users do effortlessly login beside the front-end of thine site
Password reset link

The login shape offers a forgot password link which choice receive users after the password reset structure agreement those bear forgotten theirs password.

The login structure is entirely customizable including: altering button text, concealment the ledger button beside login form, applying customized styling and a whole lot more.
Anti-spam measures

The login types mechanically come together with triple anti-spam protection as includes: a stolen honeypot field, time prolong about post button and WordPress nonces.
User Profiles

Add beautiful user profiles to you WordPress web site as may remain totally custom-made according to you site’s particular requirements
Custom appearance

The consumer profiles are totally customizable so you do entrust you profiles a unique seem to be including changing the cover photo aspect ratio, outline picture shape or tons more.
Remove cowl photos

Don’t need cover photos? Ultimate Member offers an choice user scheme design postulate ye work now not necessity to encompass cowl pix on the profile.
User info

You perform highlight essential person data within the header share about profile via choosing out of thy specific fields beyond you fields list. If left clean no consumer information pleasure exhibit within header.
User bio

The profile header also consists of a user bio area where users may draw a short account as regards themselves. This may keep grew to become afield agreement thou don’t need consumer bios.
Display name

You execute choose the show honor because users on thine site. The plugin offers a thoroughness over selections thou can choose out of including: username; first or remaining honor yet others.
Profile permalinks

You do select where slug seems into the url then viewing user’s profiles. You can select according to show: username, first or closing renown yet user id.
User Roles

With Ultimate Member you be able propagate multiple user roles or relinquish each position its own permissions or purposes erection the plugin the ideal preference salvo you are growing a web page so requires greater than some person type.
Administrative permissions

Allows ye after decide whether a position do bear admin privileges certain as get entry to after wp-admin. If she can’t access the wp-admin the WP toolbar at top concerning website online desire no longer appear.
General permissions

Choose whether thou necessity a function after stay able in conformity with fulfill or eliminate theirs personal profiles. E.g you be able give up customers out of wight in a position to alleviate theirs own tale condition solely the admin execute eject accounts.
Profile access

Decide whether a position be able try other user’s profiles and solely assured position profiles. Very useful salvo ye necessity in accordance with power which user roles are stand able to try mean profiles.

Decide whether a person position perform try thine site’s homepage now logged in. If not, ye may accept a url where they wish remain redirected in accordance with proviso he attempt in imitation of get admission to the homepage. Useful proviso you homepage is a touchdown page because sign ups.

Decide whether or not a consumer function can routinely exercise book of thine site, needs in imitation of click an activation hyperlink of an e mail or requires manual admin approval. You may additionally decide such as takes place since that daybook such as customized url redirection.

Allows ye in accordance with pick out where happens since a user together with this function logins after you site. You may prescribe to them in imitation of theirs profile, a customized url, refresh the active web page or in conformity with the WordPress admin.

Allows you in imitation of pick where occurs then a user including this function logouts over you site. You execute redirect them in accordance with thine site’s homepage yet according to a customized url.

Allows you in accordance with pick such as occurs afterward a consumer including it role deletes their account. You execute redirect them in conformity with thy site’s homepage then to a custom url.
Member Directories

Allow users according to locate every lousy with easement the use of our advanced feature directories
Display sure roles

You perform choose who user roles according to exhibit into the part directory. Any users whichever do not have to that amount role(s) intention stay lopped out of displaying among the directory.
Profile/cover photos

You do figure out in conformity with solely exhibit users in the directory whoever hold uploaded a customized plan picture and/or cover photo.
Sort users

You be able figure out where rule according to show users between yet the plugin gives a thoroughness about kind options including: most modern customers first, oldest customers first, preceding name, last name.
Show/hide cowl photos

You be able pick out in imitation of show/hide cover pictures out of displaying concerning the member directory. You perform additionally disguise scheme photos.
Display user info

You can exhibit person data about the part directory and show that information with the aid of absence yet into a expose section.
Social icons

You can choose to show social icons for each person of theirs outline card of the directory. These conventional icons are linked according to the convivial fields among the pre-defined subject list.
Search options

You may flip of ask filters salvo ye want users after stand able according to perform a customized inquire about ignoble users. You may additionally restrict the capability in imitation of definitive user roles.
Search filters

Select the quantity of filters ye necessity in accordance with show via selecing beside a listing about you custom fields and the predefined fields.
Profile cards by page

You execute pick out how many much outline cards according to exhibit through page and additionally select the aggregation variety about plan cards according to show.
User Accounts

Allow participants according to easily square theirs own money owed immediately beyond the front-end about you site
Account tab

The tale tab approves customers according to change their advance then ultimate name, as like properly as like updating theirs email address.
Change password tab

This tale approves customers in conformity with change theirs password. For added security, users have to enter theirs unique password earlier than that may alternate their password.
Privacy tab

This tab lets in customers in imitation of monitoring theirs profile’s privacy. User’s do redact theirs profile private and those do also hide theirs profile beside showing into part directories.
Delete account

This estimate permits users in accordance with weed their own accounts. For delivered security, users should run up theirs password before deleting their account.
Disable tabs

As an admin thou execute disable secure tabs out of displaying over the tab page. E.g you execute cease users beyond altering theirs password via disabling the change password tab.
Access Controls

Ultimate Member approves ye in imitation of preclude get right of entry to in conformity with you website both globally yet of a per/page post basis
Global web page access

You do determine in conformity with accomplish your total website on hand in accordance with each person and hinder the total web page to logged into members.
Per page/post

You do ignore global get admission to guidelines by using applying customized access guidelines about a page/post basis.
Logged in users

You may hinder pages/posts then so much solely logged of customers may consult them. You perform put in a redirect url which desire redirect logged out users according to postulate she try or get admission to the page. You perform additionally preclude pages/posts according to sure person roles.
Logged out users

You be able avoid pages/posts then so solely logged outdoors customers advise them. You be able accept a redirect url as pleasure redirect logged in customers in conformity with proviso she try yet get admission to the confined page/post.

You be able accomplish pages/posts visible according to each person e.g logged of and logged oversea users.
Lock homepage

You perform restrict get right of entry to in conformity with the homepage because of logged in individuals salvo you homepage is a touchdown page because sign ups. You may engage a redirect url for each role consequently each user position perform stay redirected after a customized page postulate those strive get right of entry to the homepage.
Custom Fields

Ultimate Member presents a measure over form field kinds that desire enable ye to collect a vast spread of records beyond users. The plugin additionally has a series concerning pre-defined fields that occur automatically established together with the plugin according to permit ye to create varieties faster.

You perform add assist text after fields as pleasure show up into a tooltip over larger devices and beneath the memorandum over cellular devices.

You do embark a privacy degree for each subject type. You execute make that therefore a field is viewable through everyone, members, particular part roles yet in imitation of line proprietor yet admins only.
Field editing

You can fulfill that and sure fields cannot remain edited through the user. This is beneficial if ye want in imitation of grant a consumer along statistics of their line but you don’t need to them in conformity with lie in a position in imitation of alternate or lift it.
Required fields

It is possible in imitation of redact secure fields required earlier than a shape do keep submitted.
Conditional logic

You can request conditional good judgment to someone area to fulfill them show/hide relying over a user’s labor regarding a form.
Error messages

If a user incorrectly submits a structure it pleasure stay shown an error news displaying the oblivion e.g username is meanwhile taken.
File uploads

You perform decide which file for consideration kinds are allowed to stand uploaded by the user or additionally specify a most file size.
Password field

You execute force users in conformity with propagate a profound password, specify the min and max characters because the password or exhibit a secure password field.
Image uploads

You may specify where photo sorts are allowed, employ a max photo upload greatness then flip of cropping (1:1 ratio and consumer defined ratio).
Date picker

You execute accept date length and year selection, figure out what date distribute after exhibit or disable unique days regarding the hebdomad beside being selected.
Time picker

You do enable customers in conformity with select a secure age of the season together with that field. You do makes use of both 12 gong or 24 nothing of any value distribute and accept a age interval.
Star rating

You be able decide whether to uses a 5 yet x big name rating law then also select a default celebrity rating according to show concerning profile.
Pre-defined fields

The plugin comes together with a list of pre-installed frequent fields who permits you according to quickly construct thine forms
Custom fields

Fields ye beget choice lie preserved according to the custom field location where ye do re-use the fields over ignoble forms.
Other elements

You can also originate content blocks, dividers or shortcodes according to assist you customise the seem to be and functionality concerning the forms.
Form Builder

Ultimate Member’s attract yet decay structure forger makes it extremely handy in accordance with beget special registration, login, yet profile types for you site.
Multi-column layout

The structure architect approves ye in accordance with beget a rows so much have a one, two then ternary column layout
Re-order structure elements

With the shape builder ye perform motion and re-order any factor by means of simpling dragging and shedding such the place thou would like it in accordance with go.

You may assemble multiple rows in imitation of thine varieties or relinquish every row it’s own styling or header.

Ultimate Member offers customizable email templates for each e-mail as execute remain sent in imitation of customers since a sure event/trigger happens. The plugin offers more pliancy by using allowing ye in accordance with activate/deactivate each e mail type beside being despatched after users.
Account acceptance email

This e-mail intention keep sent according to customers afterwards she have correctly emerge as a member on thine site.
Account activation email

This e-mail wish be despatched to customers if it are required in accordance with set off their score afterwards registering over thy site.
Pending criticism email

This email desire lie sent in conformity with customers who are anticipating because theirs account in accordance with lie approved by an admin.
Account elect email

This e mail wish stay sent according to users after theirs tab has been approved by an admin.
Account rejected email

This email intention stand despatched in imitation of customers below theirs account has been rejected via an admin.
Account deactivated email

This e-mail will keep despatched according to users condition their account has been deactivated via an admin.
Account deleted email

This electronic mail pleasure stand despatched to users after they delete theirs personal account.
Password reset email

This e-mail will be despatched in conformity with customers agreement they bear requested after reset theirs password.
Email tags

The plugin permits thou in imitation of add email tags in imitation of the e-mail templates in imitation of personalize the emails e.g {display_name}.
Nav Menu Visibility

Our subject menu feature approves thou in imitation of display extraordinary menu links depending concerning whichever is viewing you site.

You execute perform menu hyperlinks viewable after all and sundry concerning your website regardless about whether or not she are a part yet not.
Logged outdoors users

Make menu hyperlinks solely viewable in imitation of people anybody are now not logged in. Perfect for showing daybook & login links of the menu.
Logged in users

Show hyperlinks according to only logged within users. You perform even exhibit links solely after absolute person roles.