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Product Version : 2.13
Product Last Updated :01.06.2021
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League Table
League Table is a versatile WordPress plugin to that amount lets in ye in imitation of gender beautiful sortable and responsive tables inward thine posts, pages, custom publish kinds or destruction area.

It’s quickly then easy after use
It’s easy after utilizes or you intention be capable according to originate a ideal desk besides even reading the manual.
It’s powerful
With one hundred and five preferences through table, 17 choices through cell, thirteen overall options, a spreadsheet editor to perform the table statistics and an advanced multi-columns pick law thou perform creatively characterize each and every sort of table.
Spreadsheet Editor
With League Table you choice not decline day adding desk statistics together with a regular CRUD editor, the almost efficient technique after originate yet make desk information is surely a spreadsheet editor, which between it plugin is carried out with the strong Handsontable JavaScript library.
The spreadsheet executive accessible among League Table offers you the potential to:

Copy you records immediately out of you favorite O.S. and online spreadsheet executive (MS Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Sheet, etc.) in accordance with League Table and stigma versa
Easily accumulate thou statistics by way of the use of the frequent capabilities supplied by way of a spreadsheet software program (copy or paste a crew on cells, stretch out rows, carry columns)

With an embedded spreasheet executive ye don’t even need the ordinary “Import CSV” feature, due to the fact via copying then pasting out of a spreadsheet software program ye execute effortlessly import the statistics over anybody CSV, XLS and ODS (and whole the lousy formats supported by way of thine spreadsheet software) file.
Sortable Columns
With the blanketed alternative system thou wish keep capable according to kind you tables based of criteria applied according to a couple of columns, allow and disable the capacity in conformity with manually kind the desk because thine users, optionally create a column as routinely suggests the function illusory by means of each row, and more.
The covered elimination system helps exclusive sorts on data:

Currency (you can usage factor then comma as a decimal notice based on you needs)
Date (all the nearly common persimmon codecs are supported)

The capacity concerning the elimination rule in accordance with assignment together with distinctive sorts regarding data makes this plugin entirely versatile, simply according to commend you an concept thou do uses it for:

Sports Fixtures
Sports Results
Sports Betting
Sports Statistics
Standings Tables
Pricing Tables
Products Comparison
Financial Data
Weather Data
Demographic Data
Ladder Tournaments
Lists on Achievements
And more …

If ye want in accordance with effect somebody kind about statistic and agreement you reason is in imitation of list the superior albums over this year, the superior laptop computers between Amazon, the good WordPress Themes accessible among ThemeForest and the superior of whatever you want, since thou uses League Table!
Customize Everything
In the “Style” menu of League Table ye bear monitoring regarding the typical style on the table, here ye desire find the according options:

Table Width
Table Width Value
Table Minimum Width
Enable Container
Container Width
Container Height
Table Margin Top
Table Margin Bottom
Header Font Size
Header Font Family
Header Font Weight
Header Font Style
Header Position Alignment
Header Background Color
Header Font Color
Header Link Color
Header Border Color
Body Font Size
Body Font Family
Body Font Weight
Body Font Style
Even Rows Background Color
Odd Rows Background Color
Even Rows Font Color
Odd Rows Font Color
Even Rows Link color
Odd Rows Link Color
Rows Border Color

Ultra Responsive
With League Table ye may makes use of whole the excellent methods in accordance with redact thine table flawlessly responsive:

You do trade the font volume about the table cells when the browser viewport width goes below specific values
You may hide precise columns so the browser viewport stutterer goes below particular values
You do disguise the pics covered among the cells when the browser viewport stutterer goes below particular values
You perform allow the scrollbars now the desk container is smaller than the table

Note that on account that each desk has one of a kind soft-hearted needs, along it plugin thou hold the capacity according to originate for each table a one-of-a-kind understanding behavior.
Cell Properties
With the cell homes thou execute exchange the fashion on unaccompanied desk cells, assimilate images, assemble links, pray a mathematical method (with the system ye perform robotically generate the cost of a mobilephone based totally over the the values concerning ignoble cells between the same row, the available formulation are Sum, Minimum, Maximum or Average) and accumulate customized HTML or JavaScript code.
This is a list concerning the accessible phone properties:

Text Color
Background Color
Font Weight
Font Style
Link Color
Open Link New Table
Image Left
Image Left Link
Image Left Open Link New Tab
Image Right
Image Right Link
Image Right Open Link New Tab
Formula Data
HTML Content

Import and Export
The inhalant or export characteristic available within League Table lets in thou in conformity with archive thy collections on tables namely XML files.
This is extraordinarily useful because:

Works namely backup provision because of your tables (you intention certainly not muff somebody table)
You perform motion thine tables among unique websites
You be able rate your tables in distinctive subsites over a WordPress community